Fish Poop for Your Urban Farm Aquaponics System

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From Urban Farm U dated 5/5/2016:

“OK John, didn’t that subject line crack you up? In all seriousness, this email actually IS about fish poop, because there is something important you need to know about it:

Fish poop might just be the answer to maximizing nutrition from the food you grow.

But wait! Before you go out and buy fish poop to put on your garden, hear me out… there’s a bit more to it than that. It’s called aquaponics (you’ve probably heard of it before) and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Here’s how it works: You raise fish in a pond and the fish poop…then that water is used to fertilize the plants. In turn, the vegetables clean the water to be reused for the fish. No inputs (especially no pesticides!) required.

How’s that for a holistic system? ”